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Larue 6-drawer Dresser with Mirror Silver

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Our 6-drawer dresser and dresser mirror set is a masterful blend of storage efficiency and modern glamour. The dresser is adorned with glimmering accents, mirror trim, and crystal ball pulls, showcasing a modern glam aesthetic that's both functional and sophisticated. It's a statement piece that elevates any living space with elegance. The matching mirror, encased in mirror trim, reflects sophistication and amplifies the glamour, serving as a stunning accent that enriches your bedroom decor with its luxurious allure.

* Modern 6-drawer dresser with crystal ball pulls and mirror trim
* Functional design meets glam aesthetic for a sophisticated look
* Dresser mirror encased in mirror trim for added glamour
* Elegant accent piece enhancing bedroom decor
* Combination of storage and style for a luxurious living space


Height 75
Width 17.25
Length 62.25