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Skylark Round Coffee Table with Marble-like Top Letizia and Light Oak

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The coffee table stands as a centerpiece, its round form a canvas for the rich, decorative black faux marble that offers the beauty of natural stone with none of its fragility. The high-pressure laminate surface is a triumph of design, melding high durability with ease of maintenance, a savvy choice for the modern home. Its solid wood base, sculptural in its form, lends a steadfast quality, while the marriage of the materials speaks to a sophisticated taste. This piece is a gathering spot for loved ones and a testament to smart living, where style and practicality are in perfect harmony.

* Round coffee table featuring a robust high-pressure laminate top
* Faux black marble surface provides an easy-care, durable alternative to real marble
* Solid wood base showcases a dynamic and stable design
* The table offers a hassle-free solution to high-end styling
* Ideal for those who value both form and functionality in their furniture choices


Height 18
Width 36
Length 36