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Tilly Upholstered Track Arm Accent Chair Oatmeal

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Introducing our impeccably designed modern chair, where sophistication meets comfort. With its clean lines and impeccable tailoring, this sofa exudes elegance. The subtle textured herringbone fabric offers a refined touch, setting it apart in the realm of contemporary furniture. Prioritizing your comfort, the attached seats are constructed with pocket coils, ensuring both support and durability. The sofa's allure is further accentuated by its unique elevated metal leg base, finished in a sleek black. This piece is not merely a sofa; it's a statement of style and luxury, ready to elevate any living space.

* Sophisticated modern chair with clean lines and impeccable tailoring
* Subtle textured herringbone fabric for a refined touch
* Attached seats constructed with pocket coils for support and durability
* Unique elevated metal leg base finished in sleek black
* Statement of style and luxury to elevate any living space


Height 34.75
Width 35.75
Length 33